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I Don’t Do ‘Ekutia’ Songs To Settle Personal Scores – Obaapa Christy

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Obaapa Christy, formerly known as Christiana Love, a seasoned gospel musician, has said she neither casts insinuations nor uses her songs to settle personal scores.

Many people have noted that after Obaapa Christy divorced his former husband, Pastor Love, most of her songs have sought to attack him indirectly known in the local parlance as ‘Ekutia’.

Speaking to Amansan Krakye in an interview, she denied: “Never, I don’t cast insinuations or use my songs to settle personal scores and the reason being that anything that comes which isn’t from God doesn’t last.

“The heart I use in doing music is a heart full of joy so whatever song that God gives me is what will make the listeners happy,” she remarked on Cape Coast-based Property FM.

She continued “So my music continues to make a difference because I use a clean heart in doing my songs not that I want to cast insinuations I will never do that.

“But I believe strongly that God wants me to bring that particular song out at that particular moment and there are several testimonies that I get from other people,” she ended.

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