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Ex-atheist Isaiah Saldivar Says People Need Deliverance, Recounts Getting Set Free From Demon

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MOUNT JULIET, Tenn. — Isaiah Saldivar, a traveling preacher who reaches 8 million people on YouTube and other social media platforms each week, recently recounted being delivered from a demon of shame and now wants to see others set free as he was.

Once a staunch atheist, Saldivar, who’s based in California, is among the featured ministers in the film “Come Out in Jesus Name.”

The film follows the journey of Pastor Greg Locke who rallied together well-known deliverance ministers, including Saldivar, internet preacher Mike Signorelli, Alexander Pagani, Vladimir Savchuck and Daniel Adams as they model and break down Jesus’ ministry of deliverance modeled in the New Testament.

“You can’t medicate a demon out; you can’t counsel the demon out. According to Scripture, if we’re going to be biblical, you must cast out demons,” Saldivar said in a video interview with The Christian Post.

“What breaks my heart is [that] there’s an entire generation that’s been labeled the fentanyl generation, the depressed generation, the ADD, ADHD generation, and I’m here to say, we’re not!” he declared. “We’re the deliverance generation. We’re the revival generation. We’re the Jesus revolution, the Jesus generation.”

The revivalist said deliverance exposes what the devil is doing in secret.

“In Luke 13 there’s a story of a woman that is in a synagogue needing deliverance. Eighteen years she’s been bent over and at the end of the story, the Pharisees are mad that Jesus is casting out demons specifically on the Sabbath,” Saldivar said. “Jesus responds with, ‘You go and untie your donkey on the Sabbath day, but you’re mad that I’m untying this daughter of Abraham from demonic bondage?’

“Then He says this: ‘Doesn’t she deserve to be free? Doesn’t she deserve to be loose? Don’t our friends and family who are in bondage deserve to be set free, deserve to be delivered?” Saldivar continued.

“So why do we do deliverance? Because the world deserves it! Why do we set people free? Because they deserve it! And because 1 John says the reason Jesus came was to destroy the works of darkness!”

Saldivar hopes people will leave theaters more empowered to cast out demons after watching “Come Out in Jesus Name” because he knows how valuable freedom is.

A native of California who graduated high school at 16 and graduated college at 19, Saldivar, a self-professed “type A” personality, was a full-blown atheist who could never look people in the eye.

“I couldn’t look people in the eye ever, my whole life. At college people would say, ‘Saldviar, look me in the eye.’ I didn’t know why. I was an atheist, so I didn’t believe in demons and none of that,” he said.

The father of four girls was captivated by Jesus in 2011 and a deliverance experience with his sister delivered him from the demon of shame.

“Four or five days after my salvation experience, I get deliverance. My sister who delivered me called out the spirit of shame. The spirit of shame came screaming out of me, [and] from that point on I could make contact,” Saldivar testified.

Although the famous YouTuber has built his platform on teaching about deliverance ministry, he says “not everything is a demon.”

“I always say, you can’t cast out the flesh. Demons are cast out and the flesh you crucify, he instructed.

“A couple of ways to know whether it’s the demon or the flesh is: Number one, you’re hearing a voice. The flesh doesn’t talk. The flesh doesn’t say, ‘People hate you’ or ‘Cut your arm.’ The flesh doesn’t talk. The flesh is who you are. It’s your very nature, the sin nature.”

Saldivar added, “A demon will give itself away by talking. It’s very important to know every army in the world utilizes camouflage because there’s power in remaining undetected. So demons hide, that’s the bottom line.”

“Oftentimes, people will hear a voice, they’ll have thoughts that they didn’t create,” he told CP. “So you either created the thought, the Holy Spirit created the thought, or a demon did. If you didn’t make that crazy, perverted thought you’re having, and the Holy Spirit can’t give you that, it’s probably a demon. So that’s one way to tell.”

Other ways demonization affects people is through “recurring nightmares, seeing dark images, friends and family coming to you that are dead,” he added.

“Come Out in Jesus Name” will only be in theaters on March 13. For more information, click here.


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