Comedian Russell Brand speaks in Parliament Square during a protest against the Conservative Government and it's austerity policies in London, Saturday, June 20, 2015. The protest is intended to be peaceful, but demonstrators are angry at public sector cuts meant to address government deficits, which ballooned after Britain rescued troubled banks during the 2008 financial crisis. Demonstrators argue the public is being punished for a crisis it did not cause. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

‘I Need God’: Actor Russell Brand Delivers Candid Admission About the Lord, ‘Spirituality’

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Actor Russell Brand recently delivered some intriguing comments about his personal journey of spirituality and his need for God.

“As much as I might enjoy the feeling of privilege and luxury… I remember what reality is,” Brand told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “I remember that my wellness is contingent upon spiritual connection, upon certain values and principles, and they … involve sacrifice and self-scrutiny about my own conduct and behavior, which often falls short, and I’m working on improving myself.”

“The Rock of Ages” star also discussed his need for God as he navigates the ups and downs of the world around him.

“Like many desperate people, I need spirituality,” Brand said. “I need God, or I cannot cope in this world. I need to believe in the best in people.”

Watch Brand speak with Carlson:

The “Tucker Carlson Today” conversation also dove into the actor’s take on culture today, as he lamented “atrophying and corrupt systems delivering yet more misery to people,” and the need for people to explore what’s going on in their hearts.

“I think it’s increasingly necessary that we find new ways of framing the conversation and looking into our hearts when we’re speaking,” he said. “Are we being kind? Are we being loving? Are we being the best that we can be? On whose behalf are we speaking? And what is my intention, moment to moment? Am I doing this for self-glorification?”

Brand, who has overcome addiction, said he believes it’s possible for people to change their ways, saying he’s truly living today in concert with his beliefs and values.

“I never felt like I’m in alignment with my beliefs and principles in the way that I do right now,” he said. “I believe in truth and freedom and the ability to express yourself.”

As CBN’s Faithwire has extensively reported, Brand has long discussed God and has seemingly been on a journey of discovery and understanding. In a 2017 episode of his podcast, “Under the Skin,” he asked former atheist Alister McGrath and Christian apologist: “Is there any point in God?”

It seems Brand has now found that point.

This past December, he also celebrated the 20th anniversary of his sobriety, expressing gratitude to those who helped him along the way.

“Because what I have been taught and shown is that it is impossible for a person like me to not drink and use drugs unless I have sufficient ongoing support from people that understand what it’s like to feel that drugs or alcohol, or, you know, certain behaviors are necessary in order to feel OK,” he said at the time.

Brand has also famously spoken out against porn.



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