South African Rapper AKA And Prophet Mellontik Orasi

Zimbabwean Prophet Who Accurately Foresaw AKA’s Death Says Rapper Ridiculed Him When He Reached Out

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After foreseeing what would befall the late South African rapper AKA, Prophet Mellontik Orasi reached out to help the musician but he rejected him, the man of cloth has revealed.

Orasi made the claims on his Facebook where he also said AKA never would have died had he listened to him.

AKA Rubbished me

This wasn’t to have happened,
Let’s pray for South African celebrities.

Another shocking exit shortly

Just last year I spoke to a South African artist telling them to seek Christ as refugee as a group of drug warlords will snatch their life,

He went on to post that Prophets warning about death are not from God ,God is love,

Just know we prophesy to save lives but South African people will always be stubborn.


When Orasi made the prophecy some time last year in August and reached out to AKA, the rapper took to Twitter and said;

People need to stop scaring others by offering unwanted and un requested “prophesies” and “dreams” absolutely RANDOMLY. God is a God of love and warmth, not FEAR. Anyone who tries to scare you or make you fearful is not a messenger of GOD. You will know God’s voice.

Zimbabwean Prophet Who Accurately Foresaw AKA’s Death Says Rapper Ridiculed Him When He Reached Out

AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, was gunned down along Florida Road in Morningside, Durban.

AKA had just turned 35 on 28 January and he was having a string of birthday celebrations across the country.

The Lemons/Lemonade hitmaker was about to go perform at Yugo Durban at an event dubbed AKA Supa Mega Birthday Celebration when he was shot dead by two gunmen.

Meanwhile, a first responder at the scene, who spoke to News24 on condition of anonymity, said AKA was shot while standing on the pavement when gunfire rang out shortly after 10pm.


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