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I Am Not Into Singing For Fame Or Influence – Shika Drommo

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US-based Ghanaian Gospel Artiste, Shika Drommo says she does not concentrate on fame or influence as much as she does on putting all her energy into connecting the heart of God’s people to Him.

The native of Cleveland, Ohio, who has spent the last two (2) decades leading praise and worship in numerous churches with congregations disperse across innumerable cultural contexts and on the continents of Africa, Europe, and North America, outlines her outstanding priorities as a Kingdom Class Worshipper.

Shika took to the social media platform to reflect on her divine journey in her music ministry as well as elucidate her God-given missions in the industry.

She Writes:
“As I reflect on the goodness of God this Thanksgiving day, I want to thank God for Legon Interdenominational Church (LIC) for helping me find my calling.This is where it all started. One of the best decisions I ever made was joining the Praise and Worship Team of LIC. It is here that I learned what it means to be a worshipper in private first and a praise and worship leader. This is where I learned the difference between being a worshipper and a singer. This is where I learned about the right song selection for worship. This is where I learned about the presence of God. Oh, how I miss those Praise and Worship services where the glory of God fell. I am especially thankful for Rev Dr. Maxwell Aryee, Dr. Osam, and TVO Lamptey. They gave me no rest till I agreed to join the praise and worship team. There were days that I planned on boycotting church because they asked me to stand before the church to sing. I loved to sing, but only in the pew, shyness will not allow me to stand before people. On one fateful Sunday in 2001, Dr. Osam chose a song for me to sing and scheduled studio sessions for me with TVO with a quick warning that he was going to announce to the whole church that I would be singing on Easter Sunday. Boycotting was no longer an option for me. Reluctantly, I got a few friends to help me sing, and I was surprised that God showed up. There was no looking back from that fateful Easter Sunday! They sensed the call upon my life when I did not even know. They encouraged, prayed, and pushed me to obedience. Thanks also to Rev. Tim Brew for anointing each one of us on the team and setting us apart as worship leaders. Whenever I remember these fathers in the faith, I am encouraged that I have roots and a firm foundation in what I do. I am reminded that I did not call myself, I have no personal agenda, and I am not looking for fame or influence. I am only doing what I know the Father created me to do. Thank you, LIC, for your obedience and for equipping the saints for the work of ministry.” she added.

Drommo started singing at the age of five and moved to write her songs at the age of 16.

At the age of 18, her pastors and elders at Legon Interdenominational Church encouraged her to join the Praise and Worship team where she was groomed and trained to do more with her gift because they saw the call of God on her life.

She was further given many opportunities to sing solos at worship services.

Shortly after joining the team, she had a burning desire to worship and praise God and led others in doing the same.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com


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